There went Peter Cottontail…

Happy Easter! Oh, wait that happened 3 weeks ago! Procrastination has been added to my pregnancy symptoms along with: back aches, heart burn, and exhaustion. My blogging has sadly been put on the bottom of the to-do list. I call it a good day, if I can make it up and down the stairs without […]

Boy or Girl… that is the question

Sugar and spice, and everything nice? Or, snakes and snails, and puppy dog tails? Take a guess!   We’re having another boy! Oh, boy! Having watched a lot of Tudors, Downton Abbey, and old royal shows, the first thing I told Adam was, “I would have made an awesome Queen back in the day!” No […]

We’re a little fruity over here :)

Are you sick of all this baking yet? My waistline sure is. Will I stop? Never! I’m in big trouble now that it’s starting to get warm too, because all I want to do is make pastries and fruity things. If there’s fruit in what you’re eating, it’s legally considered healthy. At least in the […]