Boy or Girl… that is the question

Sugar and spice, and everything nice? Or, snakes and snails, and puppy dog tails? Take a guess! We’re having another boy! Oh, boy! Having watched a lot of Tudors, Downton Abbey, and old royal shows, the first thing I told Adam was, “I would have made an awesome Queen back in the day!” No need […]

We’re a little fruity over here :)

Are you sick of all this baking yet? My waistline sure is. Will I stop? Never! I’m in big trouble now that it’s starting to get warm too, because all I want to do is make pastries and fruity things. If there’s fruit in what you’re eating, it’s legally considered healthy. At least in the […]

Making Boxed Cupcakes Oscar Worthy

Flashback to the Oscars a few nights ago… My family and I got all cozy in our PJ’s and ate bean dip while we watched starving celebrities suffer in their tight attire. I LOVE the Oscars! We usually have a big party! We get all dressed up, bet on the winners and eat fancy hors […]

The Evolution of Romance

Hubba, Hubba! Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! It’s interesting how romance changes from child to adult. It seems to be constantly evolving. Even the years when the title changed to “single-awareness day” I still found it a soul-searching holiday of self-worth and love for others (with slight bitterness that there were no chocolates). Everyone yearns to […]

Fresh Air, Tacos and the Letter W

The walls are closing in! How did we get stuck in a house hibernating all winter without the sleep part? Something is wrong here. Winter should be a one month period, period. So, today we braved the cold and headed to Station Park for a change of scenery. To any ordinary onlooker nothing amazing happened. […]