Making Boxed Cupcakes Oscar Worthy

Flashback to the Oscars a few nights ago… My family and I got all cozy in our PJ’s and ate bean dip while we watched starving celebrities suffer in their tight attire. I LOVE the Oscars! We usually have a big party! We get all dressed up, bet on the winners and eat fancy hors […]

Yes, please!

You may have noticed a trend in my baking posts… one word, CHOCOLATE! But Brittney, didn’t you say you were trying to eat more healthy? HA! I’m pregnant now, and in the words of Chris Farley, “Lay off me, I’m starving!” They say pregnancy enhances your smell, and I’ve learned that’s true. Put me in […]

Augustus Gloop Approved

Oh, my lanta! The first time I tried these cupcakes I was at a one-year-old birthday party. You know they’re good when you imagine yourself bulldozing kids out of line to get another! The cupcake itself has 11 egg whites whipped to a stiff perfection, making them light and fluffy. You’re tongue will feel like […]